It's always great to have eager interns running around the radio station! Joe Lazano has come through with another Victoria event that gives us all a chance to mingle outdoors, and you can even bring your pets. In fact, it's encouraged!

The Summer Smash Event is the event of the month that you will not want to miss. There will be a $5 donation at the door with proceeds going to The South Texas Tails. Who doesn’t love some good food and beverages while hanging out with their pets all followed by some talented local artists!?

The Who, What, Where, and When

Be sure to keep your eyes out in the coming week for the Summer Smash Event at Ethel Lee Tracy Park on June 26th located behind the Victoria Mall at 1507 Placido Benavides Dr. There will be all kinds of cool things going on such as:

  • · beer booths
  • · food stands
  • · vendor booths
  • · live music

The live music will open up with the FOAM Band and the headliner of the night will be the Rick Evans Band. Music with the FOAM Band will start at 6:30 pm and The Rick Evans Band will go on at 8 pm.


Don’t Forget The Necessities!

Be sure to bring your lawn chairs and blankets and soak up some of that evening sun while catching some good vibes only. Tents, umbrellas, and ice chests will not be allowed, but in other news of course pets are allowed as long as they have a leash. So, get your doggos and cats or maybe even your other exotic pets outside with you on June 26th SAVE THE DATE.

Got donations or other questions you can call Gayle at 515-441-6868

A Small Tid Bit about the FOAM Band

The FOAM band is a local band that debuted for the first time last December and has been going strong ever since slowly gaining popularity in their genre which is a modern psychedelic hop with roots of Latin grooves. The band is made up of a trio of three brothers the singer and percussionist are Mathew Vallejo, the drummer is Julian Clark Vallejo, the guitarist is Nikko Vallejo, and the bassist Alex Kmet. The three brothers are all Victoria natives and graduated from St. Joseph, cannot wait to see what these guys have in store for us.

I am excited to see all of the dogs on June 26th at Tracy Lee Park, are you a dog person or a cat person?

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