Just days ago, the United States Army celebrated its 246th Birthday. One of America's beloved 'Lieutenants', Gary Sinise, was sure to celebrate the moment with the message above from the Gary Sinise Foundation on Youtube. 

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Americans Helping Americans

Not only is Gary an amazing actor, but he's also a beloved American. His work with the foundation has changed so many lives for American Veterans, and each year he seems to do even more for Americans who have served than he did the year before. Gary is not done yet. In fact, he just helped 23-year military veteran Marine Corp and Army veteran Cpt. J.J. Guerrero (Ret.) by handing him the keys to a brand new home over in Texas Hill country.

We Need More Hearts Like Gary's

Let me tell ya if you having a bad day, spend about 5 minutes over on the Gary Sinise Foundation pages and you'll find nothing but Red, White, and Blue inspiration! Having lived near Fort Hood for several years, I got to be on post for a couple of the "Lt. Dan Band" concerts that are a regular thing up at 'the great place', and I've seen with my own eyes how Sinise takes the time to shake all the veteran's hands and to thank all those at his gatherings for their service.

Another Texas Hero Recognized by the Gary Sinise Foundation

Marine Corps and Army veteran Cpt. J.J. Guerrero (Ret.) is the most recent Texan to be recognized by the Foundation. Video of J.J. inside his brand new home over in the Tapatio Springs subdivision of Boerne has been shared by KTXS.com and will soon be uploaded to the Foundation's website and Youtube. I can't wait for this one to be uploaded as Guerrero's new home was covered by a giant American flag. Word is given to "pull back the flag" and the soldier being honored has a chance to look at their brand new home for the first time. So far, the foundation has built 71 mortgage-free homes for Veterans, many of them in Texas and all over the country.

Head over to the KTXS site so you can see the video that features Cpt. J.J. Guerrero. It will warm your heart. His service in Iraq deserves recognition and we are so happy his family now has their own place to call home right here in the land of the free.

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