Ah Valentine's Day, a special day to spend time with the one you love, but what if the one you love broke up with you right before the big day? Or, he or she decided to run off with someone else? What do you do?!

Well, one option, if you live in San Antonio, is to send a burnt heart-shaped pizza.
No joke, for under 17 dollars you can make it all happen thanks to local San Antonio  restaurant Urban Bricks.   The pizzeria is offering up a “Roast Your Ex” special which starts at $16.99 and is available for pickup or delivery at any one four locations in the Alamo city. Uber Eats or DoorDash is also available.

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Love-scorned people can start ordering their burnt pizzas on February 10th.  And they are not stopping on February 15th.  The "Revenge Pizza" will become a permanent addition to the Secret Menu after Valentine’s Day.  So, you can buy it for any relationship that has gone sour all year long!

Is this too mean? I don't think so.  The pizza in the picture looks actually pretty good too me. However, I love burnt toast and other burnt items. So, I may be biased.  For those who don't want to go this route, I've seen other options by other companies trying to capitalize on broken hearts by offering dead flowers, dead fish and more.  I rather have the burnt pizza...

About Urban Bricks Kitchen from the company...

Urban Bricks Kitchen was founded in San Antonio in 2015 by Sammy Aldeeb, and has since launched franchises in over 10 markets, including multiple states and Puerto Rico. They’re known for serving “Brickin’ Good Pizza + Pasta + Salad” in a high-energy open kitchen environment. Customers can “Build Your Own” masterpiece from over 30 fresh ingredients prepared daily or select one of their tried and true foundations for a curated experience. Their dough is made in-house every day and they’ve sourced the baddest, hottest ovens straight from Italy.

Check out them out at...UrbanBricksKitchen.com

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