Apparently, there is a rumor going around involving Matthew McConaughey and politics. I feel as if I am the last to hear about this rumor since it has been around for some time now. Honestly, rumor or not, I felt giddy inside after I finished digging around for answers.

I started to think about how it really would be if Matthew McConaughey actually DID run for Governor of Texas. He has done great things such as personally delivering face masks to UMC and other people in need. Another time he surprised El Paso was when he gave a motivational speech at Khalid's benefit concert. It definitely shows that Matthew McConaughey has a strong love for the state of Texas.

He also doesn't shy away from public service announcements with Governor Greg Abbott. The public service announcement McConaughey and Abbott created urges Texans to stay home if you don't have to leave the house. Mr. McConaughey has also shared some words of wisdom when it comes to parenting on Good Morning America. His inspirational words are already helping him teach life lessons and academicl lessons at the University of Texas at Austin.

I honestly think Matthew McConaughey could encourage people to actually vote. According to Texas Takes, they're thinking Matthew McConaughey may run for Governor of Texas in 2022. I am actually crossing my fingers that this could possibly be true and not because of his handsome looks. IF this does become reality would you give Matthew McConaughey your vote? Place your two cents if you would vote for him or not in the poll below.

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