It may sound crazy but, these researchers think it does.

Two Canadian researchers Olga and Igor Kovalchuck have been working for years on a new strain of marijuana that they had hoped would fight cancer and inflammation. With the sudden and drastic appearance of COVID-19, they shifted their focus to understand how the new strain might help prevent that virus.

According to an article published by Forbes:

After looking at the research done on cannabis and COVID by other scientists, they were able to determine that cannabis, a special strain in particular, could potentially block COVID-19 from entering a person’s body to begin with. -

The Kovalchuck's, while obviously hopeful about their efforts, also pointed out that just as "highs" vary from person to person, so could the COVID-19 preventive effects of their strain. This is all still theory but, if it proves correct, they would still have to develop ways for people to access and ingest it. Meaning, don't count on buying this stuff from your local dispensary/dealer.

If these two researchers are correct, can you imagine how much this would help the fights for medical marijuana? Not to mention the push for legalized marijuana in general!?

Several states, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado already allow medical marijuana. (See the full list here.)

Even Texas has considered medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has been legalized in many other states.

Here's hoping that this works in the fight against COVID-19 and that it leads to all 50 states finally getting on board for at least medical, if not complete "recreational"  marijuana legalization.

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