I wouldn't even know what to do if I found my truck like this.

It looks like back on January 28th, Jarrod Hamlin had his Chevy Silverado stolen in Carrollton, Texas. He has surveillance video of how quickly the thieves were able to get away. “Within 3 minutes they were able to pop the lock, pop the hood, change the computer, disable the OnStar and steal my truck,” Hamlin said.

He tried to use the MyChevy app to locate his truck, but it showed a failed connection and he realized OnStar had been disabled. Hamlin said he has done some research and turns out other Silverado owners have had similar thefts like this one. “They all said the same thing: no glass was broken, their keys weren’t used and the OnStar was disabled so fast that a lot of these people said OnStar’s last known location was in front of my house,” Hamlin said.

NBC 5 heard from two other North Texans whose Silverados were stolen on the same day a few miles apart. In both cases, the OnStar tracking device was disabled within minutes.They reached out to General Motors and OnStar to ask if they were aware the tracking system could be disabled so quickly, and if anything was being done to prevent it from happening.OnStar sent the following statement.

"OnStar responds to more than 15,000 stolen vehicle requests globally each month on average, and we take great efforts to help prevent vehicle theft. We have been working closely with law enforcement in Texas to understand the details of theft methods being used."

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