That's right! There is a day set aside for the wonderful invention that is Radio. Let's face it, we all use the radio almost everyday, right? Well, most of us anyway. So take some time to think about how much the radio has influenced our lives and society over the years. Let's start with the origin of this holiday. This holiday was created back in 2011 by none other than the United Nations. Yup, the UN had a hand in the creation of today's holiday. You see, they wanted this holiday made so people will be reminded of the important role radio has played throughout history.

Want more history? Then how about the origin of the radio itself? Well, that is a foggy subject because there were two powerhouse inventors racing to create the first working radio, Guglielmo Marconi & Nikola Tesla. Marconi used some of Tesla's ideas when constructing his prototype and as Tesla was in the midst of test his prototype...his lab burned to the ground. Eventually each created a radio prototype, but only one was given the credit. At first the patent office gave the credit to Tesla, but Marconi used financial support, connections and insistent prodding until the decision was flipped and credit went to Marconi. If you want to learn more about this rivalry, click here.

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So to celebrate today's holiday, all you need to do is learn something new about the radio and/or just tune in to your favorite station and take a moment to think how your life has been shaped because of radio. For more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here. Townsquare Media would like to take this time and thank all you valued listeners for your continually support and viewership over the years. Your efforts keep us on and you are the reason we are still broadcasting. Thank you for tuning in .

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