If you ate at a restaurant whose food made you violently ill, would a free meal be enough to entice you to return?

That’s the question dozens of people in Arizona are now facing.

Federico’s Mexican Food is offering free burritos on Monday, September 16 as a way of apologizing after 74 people suffered from a “bloody diarrhea outbreak” at one of the chain's eateries in the town of Litchfield Park. The deal is only good at that location.


Authorities say people got sick due to E.coli, but the store has brought in Linda Cobb, dubbed ‘The Queen of Clean,’ to bleach the whole store in an attempt to prove everything is all good now.

Cobb even made a video, which you can watch below, to explain how the store is safe now.

We’re going to just assume the folks who got sick are going to pass on this opportunity, since several of them are involved in a lawsuit against the restaurant’s parent company.