Strange things happen in tiny Texas towns. The city of Lufkin has been in the headlines for a few disturbing reasons. The small community has been a victim of crimes over the years.


One disturbing crime that changed the tone of the small town of Lufkin was a vicious and disturbing murder. The crime began in Alaska after 18-year-old Samantha Koenig was kidnapped from her job in Alaska.

The victim was taken to a shed where she was brutally murdered. Her body was cut up and disposed of. The killer, Israel Keyes, was eventually caught and arrested in Lufkin, Texas after an officer recognized his car from an FBI video.


Two adolescent Texas girls planned to kill and murder their families. One girl, 12 years old, planned to murder her family then drive to Lufkin, pick up her friend, and flee the state. The plan took a turn when one of the girls shot her 38-year-old father, ran outside, and then shot herself in the head.


A cashier at the Lufkin store 'Cash Now' wound up in the hospital after suffering facial injuries during a violent attempted robbery. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. However, things took a startling turn when police alerted the public that the man had escaped custody.

The Nacogdoches Sherriff's Office announced a manhunt was underway. Attempting to lose the police, the man carjacked a vehicle and fled the area. He was ultimately captured and re-arrested.

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