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What would you do?

A Texas man has been hailed a hero after video was released of a horrific scene that included a drunk driver fleeing the scene of a crash in broad daylight. 

Fox4- Dallas/YouTube
Fox4- Dallas/YouTube

Court records show that the drunk driver, 26-year-old Dylan Molina, had consumed 8 double vodkas in the middle of the day before getting into his vehicle and driving at high speeds erratically.

Molina's blood alcohol concentration was at 0.16 g/dL, according to a toxicology report, twice the legal limit in Texas.


Molina ran right through a red light, driving so fast that the impact of the crash killed another driver instantly.

The driver of the crushed vehicle was an off-duty Euless Police police detective,  Alex Cervantes who was traveling with his wife and two young boys.

The impact caused his family to be trapped inside their vehicle.

Justin Gonzales was a witness to the entire scene, and was directly behind Alex Cervante's vehicle when he was struck and killed.

That's when Justin jumped out of his car and immediately assessed the heartbreaking scene.

Justin knew instantly that Molina was drunk moments after meeting him face to face.

It's during all of the commotion that Molina attempted to try to flee the scene. 

All of which was caught on camera.

Fox4- Dallas/YouTube
Fox4- Dallas/YouTube

Justin Gonzales was not having any of it.

Justin says instinct and adrenaline caused him to swing into action that day, as he tackles Molina on foot.

Fox4- Dallas/YouTube
Fox4- Dallas/YouTube

The accident happened in 2021, but last week was the first time the video footage was released to the public.

Justin apologizes to the public for his foul language in the video as he chases and tackles Molina, holding him down until authorities arrive.

No apology needed.

Molina pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Here is the video which details Molina trying to flee and Gonzales tackling and holding him down.

WARNING: Audio does include profanity.

Incredible footage right? No wonder Texas considers Gonzales a Good Samaritan!

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