Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler is one lucky SOB, sporting a full sleeve inked by legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth. In this clip, Booth reminisces about sleeving Adler’s left arm with a piece that can’t quite be described by conventional terms.

“I did an experimental tattoo,” Booth says. “It was kind of bio-mechanical, but kind of organic at the same time. I don’t know, but it was one of my early experiments. He let me just go off, which was cool. We just sat down and I just drew on his arm, looked in the mirror and he was into it.”

Adler’s tattoo is extremely abnormal, as there’s no actual subject matter drawn. Instead, shape and flow were the key components, with bio-mechanical aspects inspired by Adler’s elite drumming skills.

“He’s a drum god,” Booth says. “The flow of his drumming inspired the tattoo for me, personally. Most guys get going so fast, it’s just like this blur of beats. His drumming always blew me away.”

Booth estimates the full sleeve took about 20 hours to complete, though the veteran artist can now finish a similar tattoo in half the time.

Check out Paul Booth’s recollection in the video above. To get a glimpse of Booth’s Last Rites tattoo studio, click here.

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