In a report that I actually had to Google to confirm as true, the New Orleans Police Department is dealing with a rather unusual problem: rats with a taste for marijuana have invaded the evidence room at NOPD headquarters. According to WWL-TV, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick pointed out the aging state of the building, which has become home to not only officers but also rodents, insects, and a laundry list of maintenance issues. In addition to all the challenges surrounding the aging infrastructure, the evidence, particularly marijuana, has become a target for the resident rats.

Kirkpatrick humorously noted, "The rats eating our marijuana, they're all high," highlighting the absurdity of the situation. The police chief says this infestation has contributed to an already low morale among the force, with officers working in less-than-ideal conditions.

To address the problem, city officials have approved a lease for a new building, aiming to provide a better work environment and secure storage for evidence. The new location will cost over $670,000 annually in rent, with additional moving and setup expenses estimated between $200,000 to $300,000. This move is seen as a more cost-effective solution compared to the $30 million needed to renovate the current headquarters. The department hopes to transition to the new space on Poydras Street by May 1st, pending final council approval.

See the full story here via WWL-TV.

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