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If you frequently drive on Main you've likely been more than curious, just like I have been, about the continual figurative and literal growth of the holistic therapy and training center of Cryo Depot.

Magical Gardens Exist in Victoria

In recent months an abundant garden has been growing along the new fence line and the vines that have intertwined almost magically down the fence more than piqued the interest of the Crossroads, as we ponder what exciting new things Joe and Brandee Bratton, owners of Cryo Depot, might be bringing to their community.

Used with permission Bratton/ Facebook

With the weather turning cooler and the evenings getting longer, they are finally ready to reveal the absolute magic they've created. 

Photo used with permission/ Bratton
Photo Credit Jessica Coleman

It's something totally new for Victoria, and, if you consider yourself a  spirit being who relishes the night, you are going to absolutely love this. This reveal will be historic for the Crossroads.

Welcome to the Grande Opening of Magical Market Raven's Garden, October 30th.

Brandee Bratton of Cryo Depot offers some insight into where the idea started and what guests can expect. " This is my baby," she offers with a smile, "I've been to night markets in Houston and California, and was inspired.

Brandee offers this new market as a homage to the mystical magical side of each of us.

Photo used with permission/ Bratton
Photo Credit Jessica Coleman

Every detail has been thoughtfully planned, from the season of the opening, the photoshoots to promote the spirit of the event, even the beautiful lighting they've hung special for the opening. It's those intricate details that will be waiting for you along with other local like-minded vendors who will be offering tarot readings, reiki treatments, candles, oils, incense, crafts, live music from Love Me Last, and a beer garden. It's in the garden, outdoors and under the stars on October 30th from 6 to 11 pm at Cryo Depot Magical Market inside Raven's Garden located at 104 East Rio Grande.

Photo used with permission/ Bratton
Photo Credit Jessica Coleman

Oh yes, and the garden.

Those beautiful vines you've been wondering about on the fence? Brandee offers that they are actually loofah, and a part of the organic garden she grows as she creates her specialty teas, Beewithched Teas and Tinctures, which will also be available the night of Victoria's first Magical Market. More market dates will be coming soon.

Photo used with permission/ Bratton
Photo Credit Jessica Coleman

This event is free and open to the public.

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