Are you a fan of chocolate? Do you like almonds? Does the notion of chocolate covered almonds interest you? If so, then today is a great day for you to go out and enjoy one of your favorite sweet treats. With Halloween over, I'm sure there are some who still have a few pieces of candy still lingering around. So, grab the specific ones of chocolate and almonds and celebrate this holiday with their consumption.

However, today is "Bittersweet" Chocolate with Almonds Day, and that means that any chocolate won't do, but eating other chocolate wouldn't hurt. According to on the topic of today's holiday,  "Bittersweet chocolate is at least 35% chocolate liquor mixed with a minimal amount of sugar. In many parts of the world, it is also known as dark chocolate or semisweet chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate is used primarily for cooking and baking."

That being said, why not take some time and make your own bittersweet chocolate? Not sure how to make it? Well, here is a recipe to make some bittersweet chocolate brownies, just add a cup or two of almonds and you'll be able to enjoy today to it's fullest.


People have been eating almonds for a very long time. In fact, King Tut was found with almonds in his tomb (he really must have liked them enough to take to the afterlife). Almonds are used in everyday baking and you can bake some delicious bittersweet treats with almonds today. Share the work and spread the word by shouting out, "Today is Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day!" Do so with a tray of goodies and you have the option to share or not. Celebrate however you want to. To learn more about today's holiday, click here.

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