Its time we remember a unique instrument whose sound cannot be matched. That instrument is none other than the saxophone. Originally created in Belgium back in 1840, the saxophone got it's name from the man who created it, Adolphe Sax (because adding his name to the instrument cements his legacy for as long as the instrument exists).

The saxophone is used in classical music, big bands, and started off in military bands. Today, the saxophone is mostly used in swing and jazz music. There are several kinds of saxophones ranging in different octaves.


(Soprano, kind of looks like a clarinet but plays and sounds very differently)


(Alto, commonly used in all grades of school bands)


(Tenor, used to assist lower horns like trombones)

Tenor Sax

(Baritone, used to assist lower horns like the trombones and tuba)

Bass Sax

(And the giant sax in front the gentleman is the Bass Saxophone...which requires nothing less than an iron lung to play and is used to assist the low tubas like the subcontrabass tuba)

All the saxophone increase in size when going from a higher pitch to lower pitch. Most schools and bands will use alto saxophone to baritone saxophone. The soprano sax would only be used if there weren't enough clarinets, and the bass saxophone can be used to conquer the world (it's low notes and tones can rattle windows, vibrate walls and tear open the fabric of space and time...not an instrument used lightly). If you want to learn more about today's holiday, click here. So take some time today and play a saxophone, or get out the one you have and start jammin'.



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