While scrolling through social media today, someone posted a picture of the original A-Frame Whataburger building, bringing back so many memories. The last standing A-Frame Whataburger was at the current, Rio Grande Location in Victoria. I was just a kid but I remember eating so many meals with my mom and grandma after parking underneath the cool parking canopy.

This is just one memory when it comes to burgers in Victoria. Here are a few burger joints that used to once call Victora home. Maybe you remember some of these maybe you don't. Here is the list:

RJ  BURGER: This drive-thru was located on Navarro and was home to one of the first $.99 cent burgers in Victoria. That little building is currently a Payday loan place.

THE TEXAS DRIVE INN: There is only one word I need to describe this. GIZZZARDDSSS!!!!

RAJUN CAJUN: While the name does not scream burgers, these were some of the best burgers in town.  This was located where Don Jose is currently located!

RED LINE BURGER: There were two locations in Victoria back in the 90s. Once on Rio Grande, now EZ Pawn, and one Navarro, now Scholtzky's. These greasy burgers were the best cheapest burgers in town. There is still a Red Line in Portland, just outside of Corpus.

S&J BURGERS: This was located in the original Food Court in the Mall, You know, the ones with the 'apartments' looking over it. This was my 2nd favorite place in the Food Court. My first favorite place was Corn Dog 7.

SHORT STOP: (I believe) This was the small burger joint that was located in the Kroger parking lot. Who remembers shopping in Krogers?  You can actually see this vacant building sitting at the lot adjacent to Ramsey's on Navarro.

???????: There was also a burger place at Moody St. at the five points stop. Now this is taking it way back. I can't remember the name. I am thinking JJ's? However, I am not sure. Let me know.

Here is what came to mind for me. I probably missed some as well. Please add your response to the Facebook comments on this status.

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