I know that I'm not the person who should be commenting on diets since I'm young and don't have a ton of weight issues, but I will say that I don't believe in diets because that implies that it's only for a limited amount of time and I think this study done from Studyfinds.com proves the theory I have.

They say that on average people try out 126 different diets throughout their lifetime! That's insane to me. But like I said diets are not a permanent thing. It's like one of those "hey, I need to lose weight in the next few months." Then after those months pass and you lose the weight you're back to your regular eating habits.

So, now that I think about 126 diets in a lifetime is actually kind of a small number.

If you are looking to start a new diet these are some of the more popular ones that Studyfinds.com listed on their site.

"The research, commissioned by Love Fresh Berries, identified the Atkins diet as the most common meal plan tried out by respondents. The top five most popular fad diets also included the 5:2 diet (intermittent fasting), the cabbage soup diet, a keto diet, and juice cleanses."

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