While many consider Texas a state known for its warm hospitality, friendly residents, and southern charm, not every corner of the Lone Star State aligns with this positive reputation. 


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A recent study by Business Insider and Survey Monkey delved into the top 50 rudest cities in the U.S., and surprisingly, Dallas, TX, has made the list, claiming the 44th spot.


In the survey, 6.9% of respondents identified Dallas as having the rudest inhabitants among the top 50 largest cities in the U.S. 


Similarly, Austin secured the 45th position, with 6.6% of respondents perceiving it to have less-than-friendly residents. 


Houston, TX, followed closely behind at the 46th spot, with 5.3% of respondents associating it with rudeness. 


San Antonio, TX, rounded out the Texas cities on the list, holding the 48th position, with 2.3% of respondents expressing this sentiment.

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Comparatively, while Dallas cut, it fared better than some other cities, with only 6.9% of respondents considering it among the rudest places in the nation. In contrast, the top-ranking rude city was New York City, NY, securing the first position on the list according to the surveyed participants.

It's noteworthy that larger cities tend to have a higher probability of encounters with rudeness, primarily observed in situations like traffic. Despite the survey results, personal experiences in these Texas cities might vary, and many residents may still find them to be welcoming and cordial environments.

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