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The quote that had everybody re-watching the video and re-reading reports of the press conference was the line about how the city of Houston should, "Get ready for 500 murders". In a story shared by click2houston.com Acevedo hints at issues within the city's justice department. There were almost two minutes of the Chief's comments dedicated to the increase in violence he described as a revolving door for criminals thanks to the Harris County judicial system. 2020 was a record year for violent crime in Houston and Acevedo said in response to questions about this increase that Houston should "Get ready for 500 murders at the rate this is going."

Acevedo has already been introduced in Miami where his new job awaits. Florida's Mayor Francis Suarez’s described hiring Acevedo as the equivalent of hiring Tom Brady or Michael Jordan as their new Chief of Police. Art went on to say that crimefighting was not at all the issue, but the problem was with the steps that occur after an arrest is made. It's clear the frustration with the problems in Houston was the motivation for Acevedo to move on.

Acevedo will still be a part of a couple of ongoing investigations in Houston, expressing a desire to help bring those cases to a close since they happened on his watch.

Let's hope his predictions about Houston can be prevented.


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