Alright guys, time to bust out the apron and cook a dinner that will wow and astonish for today is Men Make Dinner Day. Can you cook? If so, then tonight's meal should prove to be no issue (other than trying to figure out what to cook). If you are unable to cook...well, no time like the present to learn.

Cooking is simply following directions. I know for most of us that is a bit of an issue, but allow yourself to take some orders (even if its from an easy-homemade-meal-cookbook) and test yourself with a new skill. If you guys are wondering what would make a good, but simple to make, dinner...well that is all up to you and the preference of the dinner guests.

That being said, I have for you a simple recipe for a delicious (but easy to make) dinner. If you want to learn, click here. Try it out fi you want, but remember there are numerous meals to cook that don't require very much time or cost, for that matter. Its all in how you present it and how much effort you show you put in it. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about today's holiday, click here. Let's get cooking.

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