Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland, or even familiar with the story? If so, you should have some idea about the tea party and the fabled Mad Hatter. If you didn't know, today's date (10-6) was chosen for this holiday due to the number on the Mad Hatter's hate, 10/6. However, that is not a reference to a date, but rather the cost of the hat.

If you feel like participating in today's holiday festivities, then you should do a couple things:
- Wear a hat all day
- Read the book, or watch the movie, Alice in Wonderland
- Host a tea party (even if you are unable to make an Alice in Wonderland themed party, that shouldn't stop you from hosting a tea party)

To learn more about today's holiday and all the fun you can have (or even the price of the Mad Hatter's hat), click here. In the meantime, I hope your day is all sorts of Madness and Fun.

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