Grab a piece of that delicious crescent-shaped pastry and take a bite to celebrate Croissant Day. Now before you start making assumptions about calling this a French food, just know that the croissant does not actually originate from France. Researchers have found the precursor/ancestor to the croissant to be an Austrian roll called "kipferl."

There is also a legend behind it's creation, which says that some Viennese bakers created the crescent-shaped food to celebrate the victory against the Ottoman Empire and it was the Ottoman flag's (which has a crescent shape on it) that inspired them to make it. Later, it is believed that Marie Antoinette (Queen of France) popularized it and the croissant became a part of French cuisine.


If you want to learn more about today's holiday and how to celebrate it, then click here. In the meantime, have a great day and don't forget to have your croissant.

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