Now here is a holiday most of us can get behind. The origin of fondue is believed to come from Switzerland. After a certain period of time, chocolate fondue is believed to have originated in the United States (USA! USA!). Fondue is used mainly for side dishes and snacks. Let's face it, you're not going to go home, or to a restaurant for that matter, and consume an entire serving of fondue. Why? Because on its own, fondue can be a little much. That's why you dip things into the heated pool of flavor. Chocolate fondue is more of a dessert thing. You can use it during dinner, but then you won't have room for Grandma's Goulash and suddenly you're labeled as "that kid" and constantly monitored during all future meals at Grandma's house...clearly hypothetical, but I think you get the point.

Not sure how to make chocolate fondue, or know a good recipe? Well, here is one that I think you'll be able to master in no time flat. If you wan to learn more about today's holiday and ways to celebrate, then click here.

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