Now here is a day most of us can be excited about! Happy Chocolate Cake Day! Did you ever think there was a holiday for this wonderful dessert? I didn't know it existed, but was hoping for it, and now here we are...Chocolate Cake Day. While it is unclear when the holiday was created, it doesn't change the fact that chocolate cake is amazing.

Fun fact: the word chocolate is derived from the Aztec word "xocotal", which means bitter water. In case you weren't aware, the higher amount of cocoa in anything the higher the bitterness. Cocoa is actually very bitter on its own until sugar is added. Try growing your own cacao tree (should only take you 3-5 years) and you'll learn how bitter it really is.

Nutella is a wonderful chocolate spread and has cocoa in it, but the amount of sugar in it to offset the bitter chocolate may surprise you. If you want to learn more about that, then click here. Spoiler: Its a lot of sugar...

Did you know you can even drink chocolate cake? I don't mean throwing it in a blender with water or milk and turning it into a mushy substance you can slurp through a straw (which I don't recommend doing). There are some fun alcoholic drinks you can make that don't even include chocolate in the recipe. That's right, I said it doesn't take any chocolate to make a...
Chocolate Cake Shot:
Ingredients -
3/4 oz Citrus/Vanilla/or clear Vodka
3/4 oz Hazelnut Liqueur
Lemon Wedge (sugar-coated)
How To -
Pour the liquids into a shaker with ice. Shake it well and then strain into a glass. Be sure to serve it with a sugar coated lemon wedge. The trick is to drink then suck on the sugar-coated lemon wedge.
If you want a more detailed explanation of the recipe, click here.


For more information on today's holiday and other ways you can celebrate it, click here. If you aren't a chocolate cake fan, but a fan of another chocolate food or beverage, check the holiday website. There are holidays for other chocolate treats and drinks that may appeal to you. At that point its only a matter of waiting for your day to come.


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