Don't get the wrong idea. This is not some Valentine's Day precursor holiday created in order to get people to buy more chocolates and flowers. Spouse's Day is a holiday for those who wish to show his/her spouse how much they mean to them. Show them why they matter so much to you, and tell them that to their face. Share an entire day doing something that you both enjoy. Just so you know, Spouse's Day isn't limited to those who are married. Spouse's Day is for everyone with a significant other in their life.


Some couples may just spend the day inside watching movies/shows and enjoying each other's company and eating movie theater snacks in the comfort of their home. Other couples may go for a hike and cherish the time spent together as they explore the beauty of the world around them. Today isn't about expensive dinners or lavish gifts, its to remind us of the person we love. Today is about spending time with the person we wish to share with our remaining time from now and forever more.

Make plans, don't make plans and have a spur of the moment adventure, go out, stay in, do something with your spouse or significant other and both of you should have fun in the process. Heck, do some chores around the house that your spouse (significant other) normally does and let them relax, or swap chores. Cook their favorite meal, watch their favorite film, do something for them and with them. To learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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