You do know who Alexander Graham Bell is, yes? I'm sure you've heard of his name at the very least maybe once or twice. Alexander Graham Bell is the man who invented the telephone. Today's holiday is dedicated to when Bell got his patent that led up to him inventing the phone back in 1876.

Andrew Norman

Do you enjoy your phone? You like how convenient it is to call anyone at anytime from anyplace (as long as you have a signal)? You can thank Bell for your phone. Now granted, he didn't invent the cellphone (that is credited to Martin Cooper) but the phone Bell invented was the precursor that lead us to where phones are now today. How many of you can safely say that you would even know how to operate Bell's phone? Let alone, how many of you know how to use a landline? There's your homework if you don't know how.

Old Phone

If you want to celebrate today's holiday, take some time and read up on Alexander Graham Bell and other things he did. Go ahead and brush up on your phone history and see what new thing you can learn. To find out more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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