Worried about that up and coming inevitable Thanksgiving weight gain? Well, its not too late or too soon to begin that workout regimen. Loosen up that body of yours and get ready for the winter-packing you probably are going to be putting on. Need an idea of a good way to workout? Might I suggest...Zumba? Zumba is a great workout that just requires you, music, and how ever long you can keep going to feel the burn. In fact, there is a Zumba workout tonight that you and others can go take part in.


This evening at 6:30, is a high-intensity Zumba workout and you are invited to join. Head over to Citizens HealthPlex at 9406 NE Zac Lentz Parkway in Victoria. This 60 minute session will test your stamina and strength.


Have you got what it takes to last a whole 60 minutes of non-stop body motion and fun? Then head to Citizens HealthPlex and show others what you got in the music-lead session of cardio and muscle conditioning.


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