You see so many random videos on TikTok and some of them just stick with you. I actually remember scrolling across this video and chuckling.  In the video, she pronounces it 'BYUE-SEES.'  TikTok user: Crazy Life of Ash showcased their first tip to Buc-cee' on the social platform.  The video showed the family eating Beaver Nugget, checking out the famous tidy restrooms, and commenting on the obsession with the Buc-ee's logo. What stood out to most, is the pronunciation of the iconic store. See for yourself... trip to Buc-ee’s #bucees #buceeseverything #buceesvibes #texas #everythingsbiggerintexas♬ Oldies - Almighty Blessing

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I mean she refers to Buc-cee as a gopher. People were not nice on the social platform with some pretty harsh comments. She later posted two different variations of the same video including one with the correct pronunciation in which she says that she was joking the whole time. Do you think she was joking around during the first video? First trip to Buc-ees! ##bucees ##buceeseverything ##buceesvibes ##texas ##everythingsbiggerintexas ##ASOSChaoticToCalm ##texasthanksgiving ♬ Oldies - Almighty Blessing

Of course, we have two Buc-ee's in our backyard: just outside of Luling and in Wharton. The question is how many different Buc-ee's have you been to? My family has been to six different locations including Wharton and Luling.  We have also been to New Braunfels, Katy, Baytown, and Texas City. 

Here is a fun question: What does the family restroom break cost you at Buc-ee's? What is your favorite product at Buc-ee's?

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