Happy Deviled Egg Day to everyone who enjoys those delectable goodies. If you are not sure what deviled eggs are...you may be new to the world of culinary. Why, I remember visiting my grandparents and Grandma would always make a batch of deviled eggs. Seasoned and flavored to perfection because grandmas make the best food.

In case you are wondering; No, deviled eggs are not derived from some sort of satanic meal or medieval cult culinary arts. In fact, original deviled eggs were cooked and served with hot spices and hot things were sometimes associated with Hellfire and that is how they got their name.


To learn more about today's holiday, click here. If you want a recipe to make some deviled eggs, you can find that here. There are multiple kinds and ways to make deviled eggs and you just need to find the one the best works for you.

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