Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your re-election. We trust your “hope and change” from 2008 will not translate into “divide and conquer” that many disenchanted voters are claiming will happen.

45% of the voting American public did not want you as President of the United States. We hope you realize before imposing changes, you will consider the 45% that did not necessarily support you. Americans are worried. They are scared. They want our country to return to greatness and this burden is now on your shoulders and America wants you to succeed, but not at a loss of our individual liberties we have as citizens.

Here are some suggestions for your next four years as the leader of the greatest democracy in world history:
• Don’t gloat. Your election certainly wasn’t a mandate. Understand that.
• Put Americans back to work. There are too many citizens without jobs and they are worrying how they will pay for their homes, feed their families. Further create a healthy business climate that will lead to the creation of more jobs. 23 million Americans are either out of work or looking for better paying jobs. They….we are counting on you now more than ever.
• Establish an equitable tax system for all citizens. Don’t overburden any segment of the populous.
• Make America energy self sufficient. Encourage all types of energy sources that can be produced in America, and yes that includes continuing to drill for oil.
• Let each state determine their education needs. Don’t tie their hands. Let citizens in each state participate in their own destinies.
• End the wars that America is fighting. Bring our soldiers home.
• Protect our borders from countries that want to do us harm. Protect our borders from radical religious terrorists. Protect our borders from massive illegal aliens. Protect our borders from drug smugglers who are intent on destroying the lives of Americans.
• Build bi-partisan consensus in Congress. We’re really tired of the finger pointing from both sides of the aisle. It worries us.
• Fire your attorney general, your energy secretary and your treasury secretary. All of them appear to have no plan, leadership or trust of the American people.
• The last year 4 years were yours to lead. The next 4 years are yours to lead. You can now stop blaming George W. Bush as your record is now becoming its own benchmark.

Make us great again Mr. President. We want you to succeed. We want America restored to a country that is respected worldwide. God bless you and the U.S.A.