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It won't be winter forever and once these cooler temperatures temper down, spring will be in the air and that means lots of road trips for Texans! Here are tiny towns in Texas so small that if you blinked you might miss them! So be sure to stop to take pics to prove you were there!

Everything is bigger in Texas except for these ten tiny Texas towns.

Okay, actually there are eight tiny Texas towns because their rank on this gallery coincides with the population ( or lack thereof) of the Texas town itself.  Turns out there aren't any towns in Texas with a population of 9 or 5.

What is the biggest town in Texas?

Before we get to our tiny Texas towns, what city in Texas do you think has the biggest population for 2021. We will give you a moment to think it through. Ready?

Houston Texas baby! The 2021 Texas census offers that Houston is still hands down, the most populated Texas town. 2.31 million residents give or take a few.

Check Out Top Ten Tiniest Texas Towns You'll  Miss If You Blink

Check Out Top Ten Tiniest Texas Towns You'll Miss If You Blink


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