I recently had a friend post about a trip he and his wife were taking. They had packed up the Jeep and headed out to the wilderness to enjoy a winter break. It got me thinking, besides being envious, where could I get some quality alone time with my significant other?

In Texas, we have an abundance of options for going of the grid, getting away to areas that you can focus only on the one you love.

Larry D. Moore
Larry D. Moore

Texas State Parks

Texas has some of the best state parks in the country. Whether you want to get totally off the grid, or enjoy time closer to urban areas, you have it available with 89 Texas State Parks to choose from. You can take a tent, RV or rent a cabin or shelter at most Texas State Parks. Enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle, and make new memories with your loved one.

Santa Barbara (houseboat)

Houseboat Rental

Talk about getting away! Rent a houseboat for a couple of days for alone time with your sweetheart. Maybe at a lake in the Texas Hill Country or along the coast of southern Texas.


Deep Sea Fishing

The Third Coast has lots of options for deep sea fishing! Hire a guide or use a group fishing boat to experience the Gulf of Mexico. Think of the smile on your valentine’s face when they reel in a big fish! Disclaimer: Make sure they are not susceptible getting sea sick!



There are several skydiving opportunities offered across the state of Texas! This option is the ultimate off-grid activity. Talk about falling for someone! Personally, I’ll pass on this one, but you may find it as a thrilling.

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