Scoot over, Popeyes. Step aside, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Bush's new Bushbaby’s Chicken Sandwich is here.

I love a new menu item, and the new treat on Bush's menu has my interest peaked. KWTX is reporting the new chicken sandwich at Bush's will be available starting Oct. 1st.

Let's start from the beginning. According to Bush's Chicken website, 1996 was the year the Keith and Charlene Bush opened their first Bush's Chicken on the outskirts of Waco. They started franchising in 2005 and since then they've become a favorite across the Lone Star State. They even did something different with the way they handled drive-thru orders. Not just one car at a time which is what every other drive-thru did.

We love Bush's in my household, and with the introduction of the new Bushbaby’s Chicken Sandwich, It's a shame that we have to wait till October 1st to order it.

The Bushbaby's Chicken Sandwich comes on the heels of the new Bushbaby sauce that Charlene created just before she passed away from cancer. People loved the sauce so much that they decided to offer the sandwich next.

The sandwich features two of Bush chicken tenders topped with the Bushbaby sauce and three pickles, all served on a sweet Hawaiian bun.

Sounds about perfect right?

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