From an early age, many of us hear that if we want to get ahead, we should get a good education.  All the best-paying jobs require college degrees, right?

Unfortunately, the cost of tuition is rising at record rates. The average college graduate comes out of college with nearly $30,000 in debt. Advanced degrees can end up costing six figures. Even with a degree, many graduates face years of lower-salaried positions as they attempt to get experience in their chosen field.

For some, there is a better way.  A healthcare case worker is going viral on TikTok after finding out that janitors at Buc-ees, Texas' favorite Travel Stop, make more money than she does.

TikTokker Roxie (@roxieab) has nearly a half million views with her TikTok video.


Buc-ees is a Texas institution with stores expanding nationwide. Buc-ees has won numerous awards.  Their bathrooms have won the "Cleanest Bathrooms in America" awards several times in recent years. They have also been named "America's Best Gas Station.:

Recently, even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared that he enjoys Buc-ees beaver nuggets.  In an April 7 press conference, he asked reporters, "Who wants some? You guys got to try some." During the press conference, the Florida Governor and recent Presidential candidate also threw out several bags of the nuggets to people at the event, which announced that a new Buc-ees would be built in Ocala, Florida.

With all this quality, there is no doubt Buc-ees works to hire only the best people. Like anything else, getting good quality costs more.

As TikTokker Roxieab posted in a follow-up TikTok, their salaries are comparable to her hourly rate as a medical caseworker.

For those interested in working for Buc-ees, given these incredible salaries, you can always go to the Buc-ees career page.

Buc-ees also offers excellent benefits, including a 401k match of up to 6% and three weeks of paid time off. Conversely, some people have commented that working conditions at Buc-ees can be a little harsh.

"They only get a 5-minute break in an 8-hour shift though, so you win some, and you lose some," one person wrote.

All this leads me to think that I should trade my computer keyboard for a toilet brush and a Buc-ees uniform. No matter what career you go into, it seems we all have to put up with a bit of crap from time to time.

At least as a Buc-ees janitor, the crap you put up with didn't cost you tens of thousands of dollars in college debt.

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