That's right, its Computer Security Day. Delve deep into the recesses of your wires and connections and make sure that they are properly protected. Cyber crimes are an ever growing problem, but with the right security you can sleep better at night knowing that your personal and computerized information is safe.

First observed in 1988, Computer Security Day is recognized by businesses throughout the country. Sometimes they will even celebrate the holiday a day later in case today's date falls on a weekend. But they still recognize the day and will work hard to ensure they prioritize their electronic security.


Want to celebrate today? Now, don't make today the mark on the calendar to only annually strengthen your electronic security. This is something you need to do regularly. Today's holiday exists to remind you of what you should do to protect yourself from cyber crimes. Change up your passwords, make backups of ALL your important information on discs or portable drives (heck, my dad still has his backups from the 90's on floppy discs and had to consult that information recently), and there are many other ways to help yourself. If you want to learn more about today's holiday and how else to celebrate it, click here.

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