Ever get that feeling that you are not alone? Do you feel a presence in your midst? Can you sense "something" always near but out of sight? Well, you may want to consider moving, but that is not an option for Roxy who calls herself an empath. Her home is a sort of Haunted Stuff Museum.

According to Roxy, things will be in different locations and dolls will be broken. A team form KSAT went to Roxy's house and did a little investigating of their own. If you want to learn about what they found, click here.


Even though terrifying things happen at her home, Roxy doesn't have any plans to move in the near future. Personally, I would just borrow a wood chipper from a friend (or rent one) and proceed to shove the entire house into it and find somewhere safe to live. Maybe a new town...or state...or someplace where spiteful spirits cannot find or reach me. But in the spirit of Halloween, I trust your Halloween day is horrifically, ghoulishly, Scaretastically fun.

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