Happy Bologna Day! That's right, there is a day dedicated to the wonderful sandwich meat most of us have had the pleasure of consuming. Why, I remember when I was a young child, heading off to school with my trusty lunchbox in hand. When Lunchtime came around, I was ecstatic to see the delicious bologna sandwich packed up for me. In fact, most of the family picnics I took had bologna meat sandwiches


If you were ever curious on how this meat got it's name, well today is your lucky day. For you see, bologna is actually a sausage type of meat that can be made by taking meat (pork, chicken, lamb, or beef) and grinding it down until there is no spec of flecks or spices left. And while the bologna meat is American, it is based off of an Italian meat sausage called mortadella. And in recognition of that, the Americanized meat was called bologna because the city of Bologna is believed to be where the mortadella is from.

If you want to celebrate this day, then I suggest you take the time and make yourself a bologna sandwich. Despite what some people may say, they are pretty good (especially when you add the right kind of condiments)


Or you could make a Bologna Cake...which apparently is a real thing...and you can find a recipe for it here. But only make it if you feel like you have enough people who REALLY LIKE bologna.

If you want to learn more about today's holiday, then feel free to click here. Learn more about other ways to celebrate and touch up on some more research into bologna. In the meantime, I hope you have a great day, and if someone tells you bologna is gross then they are full of baloney.

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