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Young Love Honored As Two Uvalde Families Bury Their Children Side By Side

Over the course of the last few weeks since the Robb Elementary shooting in Uvalde Texas, we have been locked into the heartbreaking back stories of the lives lost that unthinkable day in May.

For the parents of Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez, their story of choosing to bury their children side by side to honor their 4th graders' friendship with each other might be one of the most heartbreaking of all.

I couldn't even write this story without crying.

Xavier and Annabell have been forging a strong friendship throughout this school year as 4th graders at Robb Elementary.

According to ABC News, their mothers, Monica Gallegos and Felicha Martinez, soon discovered the children were texting each other "I love you" at bedtime. "Me and Felicha would laugh, like, 'How do y'all know about love?'" Gallegos told ABC News.

The story on ABC News offers that as the two children become closer it was apparent their friendship was important to them and this year the families even came together for BBQs and other events to honor the friendship.

Earlier on the day of the horrific shooting, the two children even posed together after Xavier made the honor roll with Annabell for the first time. They tragically lost their lives hours later.

Because Xavier and Annabell were such close friends, the two families made the decision to bury them side by side.

Young lives, and young love, are gone all too soon.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families of Uvalde.

Thank you to Kens5 for their Youtube " Remembering the Victims" videos.

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