Its time for yet another fun food holiday, and today is something special. So let us begin with "Are you someone who likes stuffed mushrooms?" If your answer is anything but "yes" then worry not for we shall find the right food holiday for you, but just not today. For the people who do like stuffed mushrooms, then you should be happy with today. The goal of today's holiday is to enjoy as much stuffed mushroom dishes as you can healthily consume without getting sick.

Preppy Kitchen - YouTube
Preppy Kitchen - YouTube

While it is unclear on when exactly this day came about, it is (sort of) clear where stuffed mushrooms originated. The story goes that stuffed mushrooms may have originated from Italy, but it was the French who made it popular by cultivating mushrooms to eat. If you want more information on the history, click here.

There are many different kinds of edible mushrooms, but when it comes to making stuffed mushrooms you only need a certain kind and they are found at your local grocery store. There are numerous different kinds of stuffed mushrooms you can make, and more so if you feel like getting really crazy in the kitchen. For example, your neighbor may make some delicious Cheese and Herb Stuffed Portobello, while you decided on S'mores Stuffed Mushrooms. For the record, I searched hard for an actual recipe for S'mores Stuffed Mushrooms but I couldn't find any. Now, that doesn't mean that a recipe doesn't exist (because I'm sure it does) it just means that it isn't popular enough to show up...yet. Maybe a new kind of sweet stuffed mushroom recipe can be your contribution towards today's holiday. I did find something close with this recipe, and all you'd have to do is replace the apples with could work.  For a list of different kinds of stuffed mushrooms, click here.

For more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here. If you are thinking about going out to eat some local stuffed mushrooms you may want to think about considering one or some of these places:
Joe's Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Victoria Pump House
Zio's Italian Kitchen
And Many More

So, go on out and enjoy stuffed mushrooms until you yourself become stuffed...with mushrooms. If you want to watch a video to learn to make some delicious homemade stuffed mushrooms, check out the link below

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