Just when you thought you had finished making your holiday wish list, here comes another item that any Texan would love to find on Christmas morning. Whataburger Pajamas!

KRISTV.com shared a video of the 100% polyester pj's released for the 2020 holidays. They can be purchased inside the Whataburger online store for $24.99. Not bad!

The toasty warm orange and white pj's feature rows of burgers and fries and their signature Whataburger 'winged' W's. The pj's are available in Adult and Child ($21.99) sizes but you will want to order them ASAP to ensure delivery before Christmas.

The Christmas pj's are not the only holiday item in the Whataburger store. The Whataburger Christmas sweater is available along with the Whataburger hoodie blanket. Even fans of the Nutcracker can find a Whataburger stocking stuffer in the store.

Of course, Whataburger gift cards, Whataburger face masks, Whataburger condiments, and more are all ready to go in the online store so you can go with a solid gift selection or get enough to fill an entire Christmas stocking for the fan on your holiday shopping list. I'm kinda thinking I'll need to get my sister the giant Whataburger Fry pool float which is also available in the online store since she lives next to a giant pool. Too bad that pool is in the midwest and covered in snow right now.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Enjoy your Whatajammies!

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