In case you weren't able to make it; on Wednesday June 12th, Whataburger (509 E Rio Grande St) had a Father's Day Celebration event going on and everyone was invited to come over and partake in the fun. What kind of fun? Well, look below and see how much fun we had.

(WHAT ARE THOSE?! Those are special Whataburger shoes that you can order for yourself. Click here to find them)

(Here we have Laurie getting a unicorn painted on her arm by Kimberly)

(CharlieMac and Doc keeping it fun. Kimberly was nice enough to paint an octopus on my face that was pretty close to Doc's color scheme. Thanks Kimberly!)

(Here we have a couple managers from Whataburger, including John {on the left} the Senior Area Manager of Whataburger)

(Ryan was awesome enough to bring his set up for photos and he wasn't just taking pictures but making gifs, too.)

(Simple set up for a lot of fun. With this, Ryan took photos, videos and gifs)

(Shout out to the winner of this gift basket, Bryan Koliba. He won all you see here including Free Whataburger for a Whole Year. Congratulations Bryan Koliba!)

Whataburger is still having a special going on. Until June 21st, when you donate a dollar for Relay For Life you can get a free burger with a purchase of a medium drink and medium fries. Thanks to Whataburger for a fun evening and good food.