Tom Petty's daughter Adria has created a video for his song "For Real." The track is the only previously unreleased song to appear on the recently released two-disc compilation The Best of Everything.

As Adria told Rolling Stone, her late dad wrote "For Real" in 2000, but kept it in his vault. “It hit me pretty hard the first time I heard it,” she said. “I was told he wrote in his hotel room the night before, and it feels very raw and sincere."

Given the time frame, it's possible Petty intended "For Real," with lyrics about why he was a musician, for inclusion on 2002's The Last DJ, which features many songs about the decline of the music industry. Adria believes it serves as a fitting epitaph.

"It really stood out as something pretty profound," she noted. "Sort of from the grave, right? Just a real assessment of his strange reality of being a living legend. It touches on the things my dad believed in, his core values, like being authentic and not just being part of the pastiche of pop culture.”

Adria assembled the video from rare photographs and concert and studio footage, but admitted that the impact of the project was often too emotional for her.

“I was crying my eyes out every night during the edit,” she said. "But he raised me to finish my shit. There was work to do and you had to get it done. But it’s nice to hear his voice. It’s nice to see him doing what made him happy, and it’s nice to have the ability to tell a story about him and share that with people. My dad wrote such beautiful, simple songs that had such deep complexity, and this is one of them. I never got tired of listening to it, but I definitely got tired of thinking, ‘Oh, God, I’m never going to see him play again, and this is so sad.’”

You can watch the video below.



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