Ok, my family has a dog and a cat. And I love my animals. Proof? We just dropped $302 on Bo, our cat, cause he was sick. But that's it. I'm not going full JJ Watt on a mama bear in love with my dog or my cat, like this teenager.

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“Honestly, the only thing I had in mind was to protect my dogs,” Morinico told local news station KCAL-TV. The teen said she escaped with only a sprained finger and a scraped knee but wouldn’t advise anyone to follow her example.

“Do not push bears and do not get close to bears,” she told KCAL-TV. “You do not want to get unlucky. I just happened to come out unscathed.”

Even though you definitely don't want to try this at home, props to this young woman who pushed a bear off her fence after she took a couple of swipes at her dogs. Watch this video that shows 17-year-old Hailey Morinico shoving a bear to protect her family’s dogs and be amazed.

Morinico also told KCAL-TV that "she didn't know she had it in me." Yeah, I'd buy that. I'd also place some money that no one is messes with her, she just defeated a mama bear with cubs. That's literally the type of animal every mother references when they say not to mess with their kids. She did, and won.


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