Maurice Kervin, a snowboarder in Colorado, rode out an avalanche and had to deploy his airbag. His helmet camera recorded his descent.

We had snow here in Texas recently, and I was reminded how fun the snow can be. After I saw this story, I was reminded about how dangerous it can also be.

According to a report from KXXV, Channel 25, Maurice Kervin was out snowboarding with some friends recently near Loveland Pass in Colorado. Kervin is an avid snowboarder and had been planning his most recent trip with his friends when the avalanche happened.

Kervin says, "Friday was beautiful. It was golden. We had actually been planning all week to ski this line. At the beginning of the day everyone was actually really excited that the [avalanche danger level] had actually gone down and things had been getting better, and everybody was really stoked that we were going to be able to go do this."

Kervin wasn't convinced the conditions were right, saying, "I was very concerned. I was like, 'I don’t know guys.'"

After hiking about two hours to the top of No Name, Kervin says he was still feeling nervous about the possibility of something going wrong.

According to Kervin, he made it about a third of the way down when the avalanche started. Check out the video.

Kervin was able to deployed the avalanche airbag in his backpack and ride out the avalanche, about 1,000 feet.

“So I freed my hands, I pulled the bag and I started to do backstroke and kick my feet up to stay on top of the snow, basically just to make yourself as big and less dense as possible," said Kervin.

Kervin said he made it out without injury and credits his ability to remain calm and not panic. He dialed 911 to report the avalanche but told the operator that no one was hurt in the avalanche.Snow is a beautiful thing but it can also be deadly. So far in the 2020-21 season there have been 6 U.S. fatalities from avalanches.

If you plan on hitting the slopes before summer, make sure to check the avalanche danger wherever you're going. It's always best to be prepared.

An article from Snow Sports Zone has some great tips on what to do in the event of an avalanche. Hey, this may not be advice you'll need anytime soon here in the Heart of Texas, but you never know - you may find yourself in Aspen or the Alps some day and need to know how to survive an avalanche. It never hurts to be prepared and know your stuff, right?

Whatever you do, try not to get trapped in a cabin with your boss. Things can get weird.

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