The producers of the upcoming Beatles-themed movie Yesterday have revealed a new clip showing star Himesh Patel singing the classic track “Yesterday” – only to discover that no one has ever heard it before.

The film is set in a world where only Jack Malik (Patel) remembers the Fab Four. After having performed “Yesterday” for his friends, and being astonished that they don’t recognize it, he tells them it’s one of the greatest songs ever written, only to hear the response, “Well, it’s not Coldplay … it’s not ‘Fix You.’”

You can watch the clip below.

Written by Richard Curtis, directed by Danny Boyle and described by Universal Pictures as a “rock 'n' roll comedy about music, dreams, friendship and the long and winding road that leads to the love of your life,” Yesterday arrives in theaters on June 28.

The story follows Malik as he decides to pass off the Beatles’ music as his own work, climbing to stardom at the risk of what really matters to him, and includes a scene where pop singer Ed Sheeran suggests that “Hey Jude” should be titled “Hey Dude.”

In a recent interview, Patel admitted that while he knew about the Beatles’ biggest hits before working on the movie, he hadn’t “been a muso” about the band’s history.

“Now I’m getting closer to that point, having worked with the music producer and director, who worked with me on the guitar and learning the songs and creating the thing we had to do, which was to create a new version of the songs because, in our story, they never existed," he told Entertainment Weekly. "It gave me a real appreciation of the artistry and how special the connection was between the four of them.”




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