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Right now throughout Texas, it's all about the rodeo.

Rodeo Houston, Rodeo Austin, and the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo are proudly hosting month-long rodeos honoring the farming and ranching way of life, now through the end of March and millions will be in attendance.

Millions of people attend Texas rodeos every year.

Millions of visitors will peruse the showrooms, carnivals, and stages in awe of the cowboy way of life. Rodeo Houston alone can expect over two million guests.

But the one ring that rules them all, is the endless fans in the stands watching the working cowboy and cowgirl in the dirt floor arenas of the round pens.

Farmers and Ranchers know especially the dangers of working with animals.

No one understands and perhaps appreciates the risks of working with animals more than those who do so daily on farms and ranches. So when it comes to rodeos, ranching, and farm families understand the hazards, but they still cowboy up in the face of danger anyway.

Just ask 18- year- old bull rider Cody Hooks. He didn't hesitate to test his courage on a bull at a Belton Rodeo this past month, with 8 seconds on the line just like his father, Landis Hooks, didn't hesitate for a second when he thought his son's life was on the line too.

Watch this father use his body to shield his son from the danger of an angry bull.

Cody admits in his post, " No one likes to post falling off a bull" but he felt compelled to post this heart-stopping, breath-taking moment when his father shielded him from the angry bull he was riding. And like a true cowboy, Cody still took the time to thank his father and the others in the arena with him trying to help. #blessed. Landis Hooks, you are a true hero. Father of the Year.  

What wouldn't you do to protect your child from danger?


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