An Austin teen brutally runs over a disabled man in a wheelchair. The footage is graphic and incredible to watch.

A man in a wheelchair continues to be cared for his life-threatening injuries after a hit and run in Austin that lead to the arrest of a 17-year-old who was obviously not paying attention while driving in an Austin parking lot.

Coincidentally, you will also see in the footage, an absolute miracle, as firefighters who are trained to render aid in an emergency just happen to be driving down the street on the opposite side of the hit and run and watched the last few seconds of the accident in real-time.  As the teen drives off, the firefighters in a fire truck quickly cross the street and into the parking lot where the handicapped man was run over. This coincidence may end up saving the man's life. 

The video, now viral and on Youtube, shows the gruesome accident, frame by frame in the mere seconds it took for the man in an electric wheelchair to cross the parking lot almost safely to the other side as the white truck with the teen driver still plows over him even after the man waves the driver down to let him know he was there.

Was the teen on his cell phone perhaps? Why didn't he stop to help the man he ran over?

The teen has been formally charged with failure to stop and render aid, injury to a disabled person, unlawful carry of a weapon, and failure to identify himself in the accident. The disabled man is still being cared for in the hospital as we continue to wait for more details.

Fox7 brings you the footage in its entirety now available on Youtube.


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