On Sunday (Dec. 15), Children of Bodom performed their final concert with three founding members of the band in their home country of Finland. Fan-captured footage of that show has now emerged.

In November, bassist Henkka T. Blacksmith, drummer Jaska W. Raatikainen and keyboardist Janne Wirman revealed they would "step back and change direction" following the concert at Helsinki Ice Hall in Finland's capital city. This week, the future of Children of Bodom appears uncertain.

That's because — while bandleader Alexi Laiho and newest member Daniel Freyberg remain in the group — the rights to Children of Bodom's band name are held by Blacksmith, Raatikainen, and Wirman.

What that means is that Laiho and other current members of the death metal act would have to obtain the three departing musicians' permission to continue performing under the moniker. Blacksmith, Raatikainen, and Wirman own the name under the guise of a company called AA & Sewira Consulting, and they were recently granted the rights for five years beginning Oct. 1. The revelation emerged last month in a Finnish report from Soundi.

For now, fans may have to make do with the below footage of Sunday's concert, where Children of Bodom performed at least one song from each of their albums. See the set list down after the video clips.

Children of Bodom, "Under Grass and Clover" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Platitudes and Barren Words" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Bodom Beach Terror" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Follow the Reaper" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Hate Me!" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Lake Bodom" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom, "Downfall" (Live) - Dec. 15, 2019

Children of Bodom Set List - Dec. 15, 2019 (Helsinki, Finland)

"Under Grass and Clover"
"Platitudes and Barren Words"
"In Your Face"
"Shovel Knockout"
"Bodom Beach Terror"
"Everytime I Die"
"Halo of Blood"
"Are You Dead Yet?"
"I Worship Chaos"
"Angels Don't Kill"
"Follow the Reaper"
"Deadnight Warrior"
"Needled 24/7"
"Hate Me!" (Encore)
"Hate Crew Deathroll" (Encore)
"Lake Bodom" (Encore)
"Downfall" (Encore)

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