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Texas, if you have a young child who uses your phone or computer, please check in with who they are communicating with online.

One man in California has been charged with, get this, 80 counts of soliciting and coercing CHILDREN into child pornography, all through electronic devices. 10 of the 80 children are from Texas. All 80 children are UNDER the age of17 and the youngest victims were just 6 years old. In Texas, the oldest child tricked into porn was just 13 years old.

Please be aware that if your child has ever spoken to a 10-year-old girl named "Lizzie" there is a chance it might be the tactic of 24-year-old, Californian, Demetrius Carl Davis.

Davis is suspected of portraying himself as an 11-year-old girl named "Lizzy" online and speaking with children in an effort to groom them.

More than 80 child victims have been identified in the United States. Posing as a little girl, Davis first groomed the children by pretending to be a "friend." Shockingly and this next sentence is horrific, Davis was able to coerce the naive children into performing " sexual acts on siblings, family members and their friends all while filming it and sending it to Davis disguised as " Lizzie."

There are likely more children throughout the US and Texas who are victims of Davis's disgusting grooming and deputies in California are asking parents to check their children's electronic devices and contact the Sacramento Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force if they think their child sent any illicit material to someone named "Lizzy."

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