30-year-old Seleste Sandoval-Pena is sitting behind bars after being caught for a long list of crimes. Thursday, February 16, Sandoval-Pena made her way into an acquaintance's home; at least two people were in the home at the time.


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While Sandoval-Pena was inside the home she grabbed someone's car keys, intending to steal the vehicle. According to Windcrest Police, the woman threatened the person who owned the car and strangled them adding that she would have them killed. 

Another person in the home ran in between the two and tried intervening. However, Sandoval-Pena became more violent and hit the second person, causing them bodily harm.


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Police were able to catch Sandoval-Pena and arrested her. She was charged with aggravated robbery, burglary of a habitation, assault causing bodily injury, and terroristic threat. 


However, those were not the only charges Sandoval-Pena had against her. She had already been wanted by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office for violating her probation. She had a warrant out for her arrest after being charged with driving while intoxicated.

There are plenty of criminals in Texas, and a considerable amount is also women. A few particular angry women stick out in recent crimes. One particular bizarre woman came from Midland.

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40-year-old Ashley Auburg had been arrested by a police officer and began to act out against the officer and her family. Auburg began following and stalking the officer's family members. 

Police were called to Target after Auburg began following the officer's family members in the store and demanding them to show their badges and hand over their guns. Watch out, there are some pretty bizarre people out there.

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